Our Awesome Coaches

Jeff Crawford


Head Coach and Owner Jeff Crawford specializes in coaching weightlifting. He loves teaching and refining technique in order to make athletes as proficient as possible. Freedom is his motivator. ” I like watching athletes attain true freedom. I believe real freedom comes from having no physical confines. Being free to express yourself, explore your environment and engage in activities with no limits,” he says.

Jeff discovered CrossFit in 2005 while serving in the Marine Corps. He found that it was the perfect fit for preparing him for the rigors of deployment and the demands of military life. Today, he still believes in the CrossFit methodology whole-heartedly and wants to share his knowledge and experience with other athletes.


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Julia Glotz


Competitive Weightlifter and Personal Trainer Julia Glotz is passionate about training in general, from gymnastics to weightlifting. She loves anything with a heavy barbell and is ranked in the Top 20 in the United States for Olympic Weightlifting.

According to Julia, the best part of being a coach is helping someone that has worked hard to achieve something they never thought possible. “That look of achievement and the confidence that radiates off them, that is what I live for,” she says.


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April Kavanaugh


April Kavanaugh found Crossfit not sure what she was looking for, but found endless opportunities with it. Not being a natural athlete she has a strong understanding of the struggles and riveting successes Crossfit provides. "I get what it's like to not be good at most things and I love the fact this is a safe space to accept that and improve every day. I try to bring that into my coaching, that we're all searching for progress not perfection."

The community connection and mental strength is especially appealing to April. She believe the CrossFit experience doesn't end when we leave the gym, but it's a mindset of success we carry throughout our day. 




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NASM Personal trainer 

Yoga alliance 200hr certification