Jeff Crawford

Jeff Crawford

Owner, Coach


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About Coach

I love teaching and refining movement and technique to make athletes as proficient as possible. I like athletes to improve, gain confidence and enjoy their hard work outside of the gym. I have had the opportunity to coach regional-level CrossFitters and national Level Weightlifters, but freedom is my real motivation. I like watching everyday people attain true freedom. I believe that absolute freedom comes from having no physical confines. Being able to express yourself, explore your environment, and engage in activities with no limitations. ​ I discovered CrossFit in 2005 while serving in the Marine Corps. It was the perfect fit for preparing for the rigors of deployment and the demands of military life. It's been a long journey, and I still believe in the CrossFit methodology wholeheartedly and want to share my knowledge and experience with other athletes and show them what they are truly capable of.

Turning Point

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