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10- Minute Tilapia


4-6 tilapia filets, 4oz each Tilapia filets (or any white fish)
1 egg
½ C Panko
1 Tbs chili flakes


1 Tbsp oil or butter
salt and pepper to taste
1. preheat pan over medium heat, coat pan with butter
2. mix together chili flakes and flour/panko in a shallow dish
3. scramble the egg in a bowl.
4. Coat each tilapia filet in the egg wash, then to the flour/chili mixture.
5. Transfer to pan to cook until white all the way through (about 4 minutes per side).
6. Enjoy! Macros are for 4 oz of tilapia.
a. Optional: We recommend serving on top of basmati rice, and topping with mango-avo salsa and/or chili lime aioli


Calories: 137 / P:22 F:2 C:6