Stop Wasting Your Warm-Up

Every day at Maverick, we program ten to thirty minutes of preparatory, skill, or warm-up time. 

It's easy to cruise through this time absent minded by socializing or just going through the motions. 

However, that would be a mistake.


This time is precious and usually not appreciated enough. 

Here are three reasons why you shouldn't waste this time. 

  1. Warming up prevents injury. 

  2. Refine technique and develop skill.  

  3. Accumulate Volume. 

Warm-ups help the body to perform and stay injury-free.

It's no secret that a warm-up is intended to do just that; warm you up.

Class begins with more basic movement patterns, generates a light sweat, and will elevate your heart rate.

We choose movements with a similar range of motion to those in the workout, slowly increase weight and intensity and ensuring that your body is dialed in and get you prepared to push your body. 

Not only is this vital when trying to perform at your best, warming up is necessary to help prevent injuries. 

Develop skills and refine technique. 

The warm-up and preparatory period is the time to make progress on more complex movement patterns, and develop new and hard to grasp skills. 

Think you can learn and improve on skills like pull-ups, handstand walks, snatch, clean and jerks, while under fatigue and 90% of your max heart rate? 

Think again. 

Skills are learned best in a low stress, low fatigue environments, hence why we program long gymnastic progressions and barbell prep pieces into our warm-ups. Not only do they prep your body, but they allow you to practice these skills in a controlled environment. 

This time is the best way to develop new skills!

The good news is; even if you have these skills already, this is a great time to get extra practice and volume in, refine the movement and work towards true virtuosity. 

Built strength and fix imbalances 

We use the warm-up as a time to add bodybuilding movements in, presses, curls, RDL's, and a lot of other excellent strength builders but are meant to be performed in a controlled manner, with a focus on mechanics.

We also include a lot of midline stability and unilateral work to help bulletproof your body. The unilateral work helps to correct any imbalances between your left and right side, and the midline work will strengthen your "core" to support heavy weights and gymnastics skills! 

Don't turn your hour class into a 30-minute class and miss out on all the benefits of your warm-ups. 

Over the next month try to tune in on your prep work; focus on quality movement, proper range of motion and getting the most out of your warm-ups and I guarantee you will feel stronger, move better and see improvements in your workouts! 

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