Park The Cart

Updated: Feb 28, 2020

‘Hard choices, easy life. Easy choices, hard life.’ — Jerzy Gregorek

Last night as I was finishing up the weekly shopping and I encountered the age-old “do I or don’t I park this shopping cart” dilemma. While in the grand scheme of the problems of the world, this seems infinitely insignificant and it would be if this choice didn’t represent a more profound revelation of underlying character. However, it’s moments like this that dictate success. These seemingly unimportant forks in the road, ultimately dictate your final destination. The truth is there are no big choices. Big decisions are just a compounding of an assortment of smaller, and seemingly less critical steps that domino to an outcome.

Why this matters is simple. Winners park the cart. Losers don’t.

Want to be successful in your new diet plan?

It’s not the big sweeping gestures of throwing away all the garbage in your cupboard or doing a 180-degree turn and cutting all carbohydrates out for good that is going to get you there.

Nope. It’s parking the cart.

That means making smarter decisions more frequently. Choosing the fish, instead of the burger when you’re out. Or sticking to one beer instead of five.

Want to be successful in your new workout routine?

It’s not the three workouts a day and the ten new pairs of yoga pants that are going to get you there.

Nope. It’s parking the cart.

It’s choosing to go the gym when it’s so much easier not to. It’s realizing that today is one more brick in the wall. It’s an understanding that each choice you make compounds and gives you an exponential return. Results come from consistency, and consistency is breed through repeated small and smart decisions.

All of us are aware of these moments, and we all possess the willpower to make these small decisions that will ultimately lead to our success. Most of us don’t see these individual steps as the key to our victory because we believe it’s the grand gestures that lead us to win. It’s not. It’s mastering the now. Win the moment, to win the day. Win the day to win the week and so forth.

As Jocko Willink says “discipline equals freedom.” So start making the small but albeit hard choices, be disciplined when it’s easier not to be and for god sakes park the cart.

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