Meet Tom

Tom is a 50-year-old fitness enthusiast that spent years in a traditional gym chasing that "look."

Despite his best efforts, he never attained the physique that he was after, and was ready to throw in the towel.

Then he found CrossFit.

His first workout left him humbled and surprised that after years of training, he didn't feel fit at all. He was amazed by what everyone at the gym was capable of doing.

He had heard all the horror stories of CrossFit being dangerous, intense, and not working well for the older population.

Instead, he found a community of athletes that helped one another, compassionate coaches, and well thought out programs that lead to significant gains.

After dialing in his diet, and buying into the program, he was more "shredded" than ever before, produced better at work, and felt the fittest he ever had.

Even better, it was a ton of fun!

He's been CrossFitting over three years now, and has dealt with lots of ups and downs, and learned lessons on how to keep fitness light hearted and maintain a healthy balance to train for longevity.

Want to learn more about Tom's journey?

Check out his story on Episode two of the BeMAV podcast.

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