Meet Lindsay

Lindsay is a wife and a mom of 2 beautiful little girls, who grew up playing volleyball and struggled to find a gym that filled the void of the "team" feel.

A friend recommended CrossFit, and she came into Maverick for a free class and left feeling invigorated and loving the challenge and push of the gym.

That was over two years ago. Since then, Lindsay has become a staple of the Maverick community, can knock out multiple pull-ups, and found a fitness community that keeps her motivated to keep pushing.

Lindsay appreciates that the coaches keep an eye on athletes, making sure they are moving correctly and that each workout is scalable for every level of athlete.

As well as the social part of CrossFit and thinks of it as a "social hour," which is very beneficial for adults!

She loves the physical changes that her body has gone through. Since starting CrossFit her perception of a woman with muscles has changed. She is proud to encourage her daughters to be healthy, physically, and mentally, and teach them that strong is beautiful.

She has learned how to navigate "Mom Guilt" and build in time for her self care and has come to learn that time for herself, especially at the gym, makes her a more patient and better mom overall.

Her one piece of advice for new athletes; " Just keep walking in."

Want to learn more about Lindsay's journey?

Listen to the latest episode of the BeMAV podcast below.

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