Meet Frank

Frank is 36 years old and was sick of working out at the gym and never seeing results.  

He was feeling a little lost, discouraged, and wanted to see more progress but wasn't sure how to get started.

However, it was a dinner at his parent's house that was the kick in the pants he would need to make a real change.

Frank was at Sunday dinner when his dad offered him some clothes he was going to get rid of; they were a size 42. Frank was in denial, and sure they wouldn't fit, but reluctantly tried them on and much to his disappointment the shorts fit.

That was the last straw.

Between this, his lackluster results in the gym, and all the medications he had to take, Frank knew it was time to double down and make a change.

Frank's friends had been encouraging him to come to try Maverick CrossFit, and since what he was doing was not working, he figured he would give it a shot.

What's happened since he decided to take the risk?

Frank is now part of a caring community that holds him accountable and supports him on his journey.

Frank now feels like CrossFit has made him a better husband, boss, and human.


He's changed his body composition and got off of 7 of 9 medicines that he was on before starting at Maverick CrossFit.

Fitness is now a part of his lifestyle, and he continues to work on improving his health for him and his family.

Want to learn more about Frank's journey. 

Check out his story on Episode one of the BeMAV podcast.

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