How To Get Started

Over the years we have tried so many different ways to get new members started and have come to the conclusion that is: throwing a new member into the chaos of a CrossFit class is not the solution.

We like to get to know you, spend time together in a one on one environment where you will feel comfortable, safe and open to ask questions. We will work through new movements together without fear of being ”awkward", and will teach you the in and outs of our gym culture, the finer points of movements and how to stay safe and healthy for the long term.

This is what it looks like to start at Maverick.

1. No -Sweat Intro:

We start with a ”No-Sweat Intro.” This is a 15 minute, no pressure, no workout, chat. We spend this time getting to know you and identifying your goals and crafting a personal prescription for you to reach your goals. This is the time to ask all the questions, address concerns, and be open and honest. This honesty allows us to help you and guide you towards your definition of success.

2. Foundations:

If you've decided to move on to CrossFit group classes, you will then go through our foundation's program. This program is 4-5 classes in a personal training setting with a coach that will help you get comfortable with all the new and exciting movements. These will be scheduled for your convenience and usually take 1-2 weeks to complete based on your timeline.

3. Join Class:

You've made it to class. You can choose any class that works with your schedule and have the flexibility to change day to day, class time, and location. Be prepared to feel a little awkward and frustrated for the first month or so, and then the magic will happen, and you'll start picking up movements and the flow of the class and feel like a pro! Remember everyone has gone through the same progression, even your coaches! You will have check-ins at your 30-60-90 day marks to make sure you are on track to reach your goals.

This isn't the only option, we have a lot of clients that chose to do Personal Training because they enjoy the hands on coaching and schedule flexibility and that route is a little different, however; for the majority of our members this is what getting started at Maverick looks like. Prepare for 4-6 weeks of feeling like a ”newbie,” and then you'll feel like a seasoned pro. Some movements will come natural, and others will be a little more frustrating, that is part of the fun and helps keep us interested and growing.

Be prepared to work hard, have a blast, and enjoy the journey.

We can't wait to help you.

Ready to start? - Click here to schedule your No-Sweat Intro!

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