Fun doesn't mean easy

We believe fitness should be fun!


Because we’ve been around long enough to make mistakes.

✅ Competition programming

✅ Super science based workouts

✅ Cramming too much into a class

✅ Taken ourselves too serious

The truth is nobody wants to do things that are boring. At least not long term. And if you won’t come long term, you aren’t going to see the results that you really crave.

So we’ve doubled down on the fun. Our classes have just enough work to allow for socialization, some jokes and awesome drills, skills and coaching.

We sprinkle in games.

We go super hard on events and keep our workouts novel and mix in uncommon elements to keep you engaged longer.

I mean a person can only do wall balls and thrusters so many times.

Don’t get too comfortable, fun doesn’t mean easy.

✅You’ll smile while slathered in sweat.

✅Your muscles will be fatigued from lifting and laughing.

✅You will see results to keep you motivated to keep coming back.

Fun doesn’t imply devoid of skill, challenge or coaching.

✅ We really going to push you to advance, at your pace.

✅ We are going to challenge you to step outside of your comfort zone.

✅ We are going to coach you and continually watch, correct and congratulate you.

Fun simply means that we don’t take ourselves too seriously and we want our athletes to enjoy their hour at the gym, not dread it.

#keepfitnessfun #funainteasy

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