Find Your Why and Listen Up

Last week on my afternoon visit to Starbucks, I met an interesting man named Tim, and he’s 71 years young.

Tim stopped me and asked about my Maverick CrossFit shirt, and if asked If I had time to explain what CrossFit was all about.

CrossFit and coffee, how could I say no?

So I processed to explain all the usual things; general physical preparedness, group classes, constantly varied functional fitness with a touch of fun and community.

Tim was intrigued and wanted to share some of his journey with fitness.

Now the story gets interesting.

Tim told me how he does squats, sit-ups, and core every day. However, since he was a kid, he could never really put on a lot of upper body mass, but God had blessed him with strong trunk-like legs.

Tim went on to say, “sometimes I don’t feel like doing my routine. On those days, I remind myself that I don’t want to need help getting out of a chair, or be one of the hunched over older folks. When I think about that, I get back to work.”

There are two amazing lessons in my interaction.

1. Tim had summarized so eloquently why having a “why” matters. When we connect to something more profound than being “fit,” or only aesthetic goals, on the days where we want nothing more than to stay in bed, or head home after work, our more rooted “why” can fuel us into sticking to our regiment. 

2. Sometimes the teacher is the student. I thought my interaction was about me teaching Tim about CrossFit. When in reality, it was Tim teaching me about life. That “Why” we do something is the real source of our motivation, that even at 71 fitness matters, and that everyone has something to teach you.

It’s interactions like this that remind me how vital CrossFit gyms are. Every day, athletes learn to move better, develop healthy habits, and build a body that will sustain the demands of life into old age. That is our “Why,” and it fuels Maverick coaches to show up day in and day out and commit their lives to help others improve theirs.

So, in short, find your why, keep moving, and listen up.

There’s always a reason to stay on track and a story to hear.

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