3 Ways To Fight Back Against Burn Out

3 Ways to Avoid Burn-out

No matter who you are, eventually you are going to feel the effects of burnout.

The feeling could be due to several issues, such as; work stress, family balance, overtraining, and many more. Here are three easy ways to fight back and keep training.

1) Take a week off and reset.

Sometimes we need to rest. It really can be that simple. Take a week off from the gym, spend some extra time chilling, meditating, and spending time with friends and family. During this time, be aware of maintaining a reliable sleep schedule and eating high-quality foods. Allow the mind to reset and the body to fully recover. Then get back to training with a renewed vigor.

2) Switch it up.

Sometimes we get bored with our typical routine. It becomes too predictable, or we need a new stimulus and some novelty in our training to grab our attention. Maybe you switch the class, the coach, or the program you attend for a month. For me switching to weightlifting after years of CrossFit added a new challenge and kept me interested in improving. For others changing to BootCamp might work, or switching from morning to night classes and vice versa. No matter which way you choose to change the routine, our minds like and are more engaged with new challenges.

3) Change how you approach your workout

If you have spent years at high intensity or high volume taking a few months working on the quality of movement, and flowing through exercises can make a dramatic difference in the stress you feel before and after a training session. Don't be fooled, for quality isn't an easier option and most likely will benefit you as an athlete long term.

Inversely, If you generally take it easy, stay within your comfort zone and always play it safe, you probably aren't pushing yourself hard enough to encourage growth and maybe getting frustrated by lack of results and engagement. As humans, we thrive on being challenged and often feel stale or unfulfilled when we are not. Try to push yourself harder a few times a week and see if that helps get you out of your funk.

As I said, everyone will feel some Burnout over a long enough timeline, but that is not an acceptable excuse to not train.

Try one of these three methods and see if you can reignite your spark!

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