Your schedule.  Your goals.  We handle the rest. 

Personal Training

Every new CrossFitter begins in our beginner class. You’ll Learn the ABCs of CrossFit — we’ll guide you through the foundational movements, the lingo, familiarize you with the format, and get your body primed to join our CrossFit classes..


We ensure that exercise is fun and effective, but the reality is that your commitment to your health & fitness can’t end there – it must carry over to the kitchen and your nutrition.  Our group of coaches will take your lifestyle and goals into consideration and draw up a game plan so that you always know you are eating optimally.

Program Design

If you have highly specialized goals and prefer training independently, our  Individual Program Design service is the perfect solution. You'll work exclusively with one of our coaches to create an exercise program that tailors to your goals and schedule.  We provide you with the latest exercise tracking software, Fitbot, to ensure that you and your coach are always on the same page.