Our Programs



Perform is for you if you want to challenge yourself with high intensity training and looking to build well-rounded fitness.


Perform demands high intensity and gives you the opportunity to gain exposure to a wide range of basic and complex movements with loading and variance. 

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Barbell is for you if you are an athlete looking to get started with or interest in competing in Olympic Lifting.

Barbell teaches you lift fundamentals and how to move efficiently. 


You will learn how to use complementary accessory drills and lifts to help build strength that translates to your lifts.


Barbell is coached by a certified USAW weightlifting coach. 


Talk with Barbell coach to see if Barbell is a good fit for you.



BUILD – is for you if you are looking to gain functional strength and skill while building your fitness.  

Build workouts offer a dose of strength and skill training along with a fun and effective metabolic workout. 


Movements and workouts in Build focus on building strength, coordination, balance, agility and metabolic conditioning.



Our Teen class is designed to prepare teens for sports and life demands, by helping in their development as a well-rounded athlete.


They will learn to move, lift, run, stretch and apply power. 


They will hear about eating healthy, how to preform and maintain fitness throughout their life. 


We talk about work ethic, character, overcoming fear, and how to deal with obstacles. 


They experience camaraderie through shared experiences in workouts with others. They cheer and encourage one another. 


Move is for you if you are looking to start your fitness journey or increase your fitness with a focus on cardio capacity, endurance, functional movements and strength improvements. 


Move is high-energy conditioning training that combines bodyweight, rowing-biking-running, and foundational strength development in each workout.



Compete may be for you if you have a competitor’s drive and athletic ambitions.


Compete leads to a strong foundation and develops specific tools you need to succeed in competition.


With Compete you grow as part of a community of like-minded athletes eager to better themselves physically, mentally, and emotionally.


Each session of Compete contains 3 parts - Part A, B, and C. Each part assist in meeting a targeted goal in your development.


Talk to a coach to see if Compete is a good fit for you.

We Know You Are Ready!

To move better, be more confident and gain strength!

We are ready to help you. Come in and meet with our amazing coaching staff and let us work together to meet your goals and have a blast doing it!