Because you Always Give More In The Presence Of Others.
CrossFit is our Forte

Maverick has a philosophy when it comes to health and fitness. We believe that your work inside the gym should improve your life outside the gym and our program reflects the importance of safety, effectiveness and longevity.


At Maverick we have mastered the group class model and have created a fun, inclusive and highly effective workout program which will lead to you being fitter than you ever have been before. We have exceptionally high standards for our "coach-led" classes that consist of guided warm-ups, mobility sessions, skill and strength work and a tough but fun conditioning piece everyday. 

Our classes will challenge you regardless of your current fitness level. Our coaches are trained to prioritize safety first and each and every workout is scalable to accommodate your current abilities and provide the best workout possible! 

We Know You Are Ready!

To move better, be more confident and gain strength!

We are ready to help you. Come in and meet with our amazing coaching staff and let us work together to meet your goals and have a blast doing it!