Grinch Games 2020

Starts In:

The Most Miserable Fitness Competition of the season. 

4 Workouts

Teams will work through 4 different stations in a 60 minute window, full of FUN and challenging workouts. 

Heat Times- Click Here

WORKOUT 1:Who-Hash! 

10 Min AMRAP:

1 Pull-up

1 50 foot SandBag Dash

1 Burpee Box Jump Over*

I GO- You Go. 

add 1 Rep to pull-up and burpee every time an athlete switches. Sandbag sprint stays same. 


Partner 1-1 Rep of each

Partner 2-2- Rep of each

Partner 3-3- Rep of each

Partner 1-4- Rep of each

—  The Grinch

Things To Remember!

  1. We are following the awesome fitness with BBQ. So plan on hanging out, cheering on your friends and have some great food!

  2. Athlete Brief will be 8:30 AM. Workouts will start at 9:00. Please be on time so you know what the heck is going on!

  3. Wear your best X-mas Sweater!

—  The Grinch