2020.2A + 2020.2B

On A Nine Minute Clock:

800M Run​

40 Box Jump Overs 

AMRAP Rope Climbs

*Tie Breaker is 800M Time

Two Minute Break:​

On A 9 Minute Clock:

4,6,8,10, 12...

Calorie Row

Handstand Push-ups



Beginner: 600M, 20/16, Half Rope Climbs or Two pulls from floor, KB Press 35/20

Intermediate: 800M, 24/20, Rope Climbs, Kipping HSPU

Advanced:800M, 24/20, Legless, Strict HSPU


Box Jump Overs:

In the box step-over, there is no requirement to stand tall while on top of the box. Only the athlete's feet may touch the box. The athlete may step up or jump on top of the box and then jump or step down on the other side, or the athlete may jump completely over the box.

Rope Climb:​

Athlete must make contact with the top of the rope or middle target if doing 1/2 rope climbs. Athlete must show control 1/2 down the rope and may not jump from the top. If athlete is doing legless, athlete's legs may not provide assistance until full distance is climbed and top of the rope as been touched. 

Hand Stand Push-ups:

Athlete will begin with arms locked out, heels in contact with the wall, hips open, and body in line with the arms. Athlete will lower the body making contact with the mat, and the rep is credited upon return to the starting position.

Coaches Attack 20.2 A+B

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