2020.1A + 2020.1B

On A Six Minute Clock:

Establish a 1RM Clean.

Two Minute Break:​

On A 4 Minute Clock Complete:

3 Rounds:

8 Hang Squat Cleans 

8/6 calories on Bike*

*With remaining time, complete max burpees over bar.


Beginner: 1RM Deadlift, 75/55, 8/6

Intermediate: 1RM Clean, 115/75, 8/6

Advanced:1RM Clean, 155/105, 8/6



The barbell will start on the floor, any variation of clean is fine (either power or squat.) The lift is considered good when reaching full extension of the hips and knees, with the barbell on the shoulders with elbows in front of the bar at the top of the movement.


This is a traditional deadlift with the hands outside the knees. Sumo deadlifts are not allowed.

Starting with the barbell on the floor, the athlete lifts the bar to full extension. The rep is credited when the hips and knees are fully extended with the shoulders behind the bar. Once the rep is complete, the athlete may drop the bar from the top. 

Hang Clean:

The barbell will start on the floor, and deadlift bar into the hang position, anywhere above the knee.  The lift is considered good when it is received in the front rack position with the athlete passing through a full squat while the barbell stays racked on the shoulders.

The full squat position is achieved when the crease of the hips passes below the top of the knees. The lift is completed when the athlete comes to a, standing position with knees and hips fully extended with the barbell in the front rack position.  

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