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Mike “Cheeto” Cheatham

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“The difference between a successful person and others is not a lack of strength, not a lack of knowledge, but rather a lack of will.”-VL

Mike “Cheeto” “Cheatham:
Was introduced to Crossfit in 2008 by his Lieutenant and has been hooked ever since. Cheeto wanted to share his new love and obsession with others and decided to partner with Amber and his brother John to open Maverick CrossFit in January of 2011. Mike coaches and assists with the gyms programming and enjoys seeing that program change people’s lives in and out of the gym.

I CrossFit because:
It’s a challenge: even after over 5 years of doing Crossfit, I am constantly challenged to execute movements more efficiently, increase my speed during WODs, push my comfort levels during Strength sessions, etc. I’ve yet to leave a workout and feel like I wasn’t challenged in some way, shape or form.
It’s Empowering: I love the feeling of completing things that I wasn’t sure I could. It’s not always about the weight on the bar – it can be the simplest of things that leaves me with the greatest sense of accomplishment.
It’s a Community: I’ve met so many AMAZING people through the Crossfit world. From Maverick to boxes in other states, I’ve built a network of awesome athletes/friends who I know would encourage me and help me to better myself as an athlete, an individual and a coach! My goal is to contribute to the community so others see the value that I do.
It’s Enlightening: I learn something new every day! Seriously – it can be something simple like how to position my hands better in HSPU or the best mobility to do to assist in my split jerk, but I am continuously exposed to new information.
It’s Fun! It’s not a chore for me to go for a run, lift or WOD on a regular basis. It makes me feel better and I look forward to it. Don’t get me wrong – there are days that I lack energy and WODs that put me in my place, however I never dread working out. Crossfit has exposed me to a whole new variety of ways for me to get in my daily workout.

I coach because:
CrossFit has taught me more about myself in a short amount of time than I imagined possible, and allowed me to embrace so many elements of life that I want to share that with others.  I’ve built solid friendships within the community and impacted the lives of others by sharing this knowledge and there really is no better feeling.
If Crossfit has impacted my life this much in 5 short years – imagine what the next 10 will be like!

I am really good at:
Handstand walks

I am not great at:
Muscle ups

My favorite cheat meal is: